Terms and Conditions


By signing this agreement, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will enter into a minimum 6-month contract with The Nosh Digital.
  • You will pay a monthly fee of the agreed package amount on or before the 5th of each month. * You may terminate the contract at any time by providing written notice to The Nosh Digital at least 60 days in advance. 
  • Services The Nosh Digital will provide the following services:
    •  Technical support
    •  Installation and setup of your website/eCommerce store.
    • Repair or replacement.


Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by providing written notice to the other party at least 30 days in advance. The customer will be responsible for any outstanding fees if The Nosh Digital terminates the agreement.



No waiver of any provision of this agreement will be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties.